Online Gaming as a Sport

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Viewership for online video gaming on platforms like Twitch have skyrocketed in the recent years

Playing video games as a kid did you ever imagine you could grow up and play them professionally? Or even think that people would want to watch you play? In today’s ever growing industry of video gaming and internet technology this is now a reality! Professional gaming is a huge industry and people all over the world strive to make teams to play in tournaments viewed by millions of people across the globe. One of the most popular games to professionally play is League of Legends. Along with a couple other titles, although not as popular, like Hearthstone, DotA 2 and Overwatch. Websites have started to provide services like Hearthstone boosting and Overwatch boosting for these games as there’s now a demand for gamers who want to go higher in the ranked ladders.

League of Legends is a MOBA game, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, in which the goal is to battle the other teams characters and fight to the other end of the map and destroy their nexus. The Nexus acts as their home base where they are able to heal and regenerate after being killed on the map. Originating from the Nexus are Minions, these are NPCs, Non-player characters, that are there to create a buffer to help protect the Nexus from attacks. A player can gain XP, experience, from killings these Minions and become more powerful by leveling up. The higher the level, the more damage and more abilities a character has. Each game a player starts at level 1 and can advance up to level 18 from gameplay. This way, each and every game that is played is started over from scratch.

To add more customization to the game there are skill trees to add points to, this helps a certain character perform better in certain areas and allows the player to tailor a specific character for a certain role in their team. It is possible to create a bulky “tank” character that can take a lot of damage, or to create a character that can deal a lot of damage that cannot take much damage. This adds a lot more strategy to the game and takes a lot of gameplay knowledge and experience to know what works well with other teammates characters.

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A popular Hearthstone streamer, Kripparrian

There is a lot of strategy that goes into this game, not only does each character have different skills and items to attach, but each character can serve a difference purpose when combined with teammates characters. A huge amount of strategy goes into picking a character and putting a team of characters together. As of right now there are over 132 different characters to choose from, the possible teams one could make are endless. Do you want a team that is more bulky and defensive, or a weaker team with a heavy offensive attack? Gamers who have made it the farthest in the rankings in this game have found a master strategy that works well for them and their team.

These gamers have to constantly be researching and reviewing the notes of the updates of the game to see if any changes have been made to their character, items or abilities. This could potentially cause a big problem during a match if the gamer is unaware that their ability and attacks have less damage than they did before. The game is constantly growing and changing, so gamers have to be ever-aware of these changes and adapt their strategies and gameplay based on these updates.

During the 2015 League of Legends World Championship 36 million people from around the world checked in to view the games. These kinds of games and tournaments have become evermore popular with the younger generations, they have their favorite team and even their favorite gamer. They learn their stats and game strategies from watching their videos on Youtube and even on their Twitch accounts. These famous gamers are rivaling notoriety of professional athletes! Like professional athletes, these gamers get sponsorships from well-known companies that make game gear; keyboard and mouse makers, computer parts and video cards to enhance the game experience. These professional gamers are able to make a living off of playing games and doing it with their friends.

These gamers work extremely hard at what they do and have perfected their methods. The top gamers are extremely versed in the games workings and newest updates, as well as being top notch team players. League of Legends is a team game, therefore your team building and working skills need to be the best they can be. Teammates need to be constantly on the same page and be able to stick to their strategy. They are extremely skilled in what they do and have worked very hard to get where they are. They deserve recognition for their work and effort.